Carbon Trust Project

We are very proud to inform you that as Yorglas®, we are the pioneer in our industry who have joined in Environmental FootPrint Project for Bussineses.

This Project is a big opportunity for Yorglas® to create awareness and to make a state dtermination. We have an expectation that this awareness we created will be an example case for our suppliers, bussines partners and competitors.

Our Carbon Emission level is declared as 2900gr/m2 which means to produce 1 m2 satin glass, only 2900 gr carbon releases to the nature. Our main objective will be decrease this level in the near future.

As Cam Merkezi constantly works for being respectful for the nature and environment, we are very proud of involving in this project and now you can see our Carbon FootPrint labels on our wooden cases and products.


Eco-friendly acid etched glass

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