Acid Etched Glass

CrystalLux® is a scratch resistant acid etched custom product (Mohsscalevalue is 5) with a high light permeability. It can be specifically used in kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Non Glare Glass

Highly transparent

No degration, nor wear, does not pickle or discolor, and will not change over time

Soft and silk to the touch

Any process such as cutting, polishing, or beveling,

It allows easy bending, lamination and temperate toughening

The ease of cleaning and resistance to marks and stains

It is resistant to common cleaners because it is not an additive, or a bonded layer

Does not peel or discolor like ­lms

Does not scratch off like coatings

Also recently it is highly preferred by our customers for smart boards, magnetic boards and high tech products with its low reflectance property.

Scratch Resistant Mohs 5

Light transmittance 88-91 %.

Gloss 40-45

Clarity 30-35

Haze 20 – 30 %

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