Acid Etched Mat and Decorative Glass

Our principle is “always innovation”. It has never been changed since the first day when we started up in Turkey.

We have efficiently improved our techniques of acid finishing from tinted glass to mirror, from low iron glass to painted glass along with the years. We combine and improve the technics of deep etching and acid etched matte glass during our production of satin glass and decorative glass product lines.

You can find the biggest assortment within our acid etched glass from scratch resistant anti-slip flooring glass to non-glare glass for marker boards.

Our acid etched glass is used in many areas such as; interior decoration, glass stair treads, digital signage, shower screens, solar panels, cabinets, wardrobes, balustrades, office partitions and doors.    

We always try to offer the best solution for the end user and processor with fingerprint free and 100% etched sheets among the other products such as sandblasted glass and patterned glass or laminated translucent glass where you need privacy and light.

We care about nature and know that means our future. Yorglas® is the first in sector who measures and evaluates its carbon footprint and takes the key step on the path to a sustainable business practice.